525,600 minutes: A Measured Year in Photos

This is my 365 Photography Project. A photo a day measuring my year.

January 17, 2012

So a brief recap of my weekend:

Friday night:  date. meh. I forgot my main rule “no getbacksies”. sometimes because your bench is completely cleared does not mean you need to go to the practice squad.  There is a reason they didn’t make the team in the first place. But it did contain the best things, liquor, music, and burritos.

Saturday: I ran some errands, took a nap, went to rehearsal. My credit card was stolen, soooo nothing that had to do with money could occur for the rest of the evening.  Luckily I could borrow some dough from my sister so I could get the stuff for the party on Sunday. Went home watched a few episodes of Mad Men.

Sunday:  Woke up, tried out a style that I saw on @chescaleigh ‘s loc channel.  this is how it turned out.  My hair is super thick and hella long, so it was a bit large up top, but it still was fabulous.  I decided it was avant garde, haute couture, you know classy n what not.  Went to brunch with the girls. took some photos with my camera-phone.  Not too many turned out properly.  I really have to find my camera… 

Then a quick nap and off to Toni’s for the Kings and Queens party.  This was the best party ever.  There were great, friendly people, plenty of food and drinks, and great music!  Shout out to Deejays, Brandon and Jaime!!  I slept over Dawn’s because I was too sleepy to drive home.  The ride I thought I set up fell through (see friday’s post) 

Monday: Slept most of the day then went to Marvin.  Chilled out saw a cute boy, talked to the girls and swayed to the music.  Got home not too late and had a wonderful sleep.

This 3 day weekend was wonderful. In between all the fun I missed the boys. I’m glad they’re home. We both had a great time.

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